Pumpkin Decorating Contest 2021

Get ready to give them “pumpkin” to talk about. That’s right, it’s time for our annual pumpkin decorating contest!

The theme of this year’s contest is entertainment. While the pandemic put a damper on travel, many of us escaped through our favorite movies and shows. Take inspiration from your favorite characters and scenes and get creative!

Last year’s voting on Pulse+ was such a success that we are once again holding the contest virtually. Here are the rules and guidelines for this year:

  • Each department is responsible for providing its own pumpkin.
  • Objects, paper, fabric, or clothing may be glued, pinned, or affixed to the pumpkin.
  • Paint, markers, and other art materials are acceptable.
  • DO NOT carve or hollow out your pumpkin.
  • Upload a picture of your department’s pumpkin to the Pulse+ app no later than Friday, October 22, 2021.
  • You must be on Pulse+ to enter the contest.
  • When uploading: In the subject line you must add your department and the category – Day Shift, Night Shift, Ambulatory Offices, or Corporate Offices – for your pumpkin submission.

Due to the pandemic, we want to remind the teams who participate in the contest to practice physical distancing and to wear a mask while decorating their pumpkins.

Pumpkins will be displayed on the Pulse+ app once again this year. You can begin voting ONLY on Pulse+ from October 25 through October 29, 2021.

All Cooper employees will get a chance to review the display and “like” their favorite pumpkin. The display with the most “likes” for each category will be the winner for that category. Employees can only “like” each display once.


  • Originality
  • Quality of work
  • Creative use of materials

A $100 gift card will be awarded to the department with the best decorated pumpkin in the following categories:

  • Day shift
  • Night Shift
  • Ambulatory Offices
  • Corporate Offices

Winners for each category will be announced the week of November 1, 2021.

Learn how to install, subscribe, share, and use the Pulse+ app by clicking here.