Masking Policy Update

Cooper’s IMT is reinforcing our masking policies, given the CDC’s updated recommendations for non-health care workers. Currently, our region is experiencing high transmission of COVID-19 (red level) and high flu activity. Therefore, masks are required to be worn by all team members at all times whether in clinical or non-clinical areas, unless alone in an office with a closed door.

The CDC calls masks a “critical public health tool” for reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Below are current masking policies for all Cooper facilities:

  • No cloth masks are to be worn by team members, patients, or visitors in Cooper facilities.
  • Only procedural loop or N95 respirator masks, provided by Cooper, are appropriate for use by team members in our facilities.
  • All masks should be well-fitted and cover the nose and mouth with no gaps at the edges.
  • Team members must wear N95 respirator masks that are fit-tested when on COVID-19 floors and when treating patients with COVID-19.
  • During red level transmission, team members in all clinical areas are encouraged to wear N95 respirator masks that are fit-tested when treating patients with COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms.
  • When wearing procedural loop or N95 respirator masks, you should be careful not to contaminate the mask by repeatedly removing it.

When you are not at Cooper working, the best mask for you to use is the one you can keep on and wear comfortably without frequent adjusting. If you decide to wear a cloth mask outside of Cooper facilities, please refer to the CDC recommendations for the description of an appropriate cloth mask.

To read more on masking, visit the CDC’s updated recommendations.