Daisy Award Winner Logen Craig, RN

Logen Craig, RN, K10 unit at Cooper University Health Care, received the Daisy Award in February 2022. Her dedication to Cooper Nursing and the extraordinary care she provided to our Cooper patients earned her the following accolades.

“OMG, my husband has been in another hospital for two weeks prior; coming to Cooper, he had a stroke and met many nurses! However, the real nurse was met December 24 – Saturday! Logen takes nursing to another level; she is such an asset to Cooper. She’s professional, caring, emotional support, I could go on forever. Not just to my husband but to me as well! I feel like God sent her to me because it is what I needed. I could keep her. So please pat her on the back, please commend her, because she so deserves it. Be careful patting her on the back because you don’t want to bend her wings.”