Cooper Team Members Invited to Share Their Stories at February Schwartz Center Rounds

The Schwartz Center Rounds (SCR) planning committee is inviting Cooper team members who have had an experience of being a patient themselves to be on a panel for the February 22, 2023, Schwartz Center Rounds, “When the Healthcare Worker Becomes the Patient.”

The event will feature a panel discussion highlighting the stories, experiences, and emotions involved when the roles are reversed and the health care worker (at any level or position) is the recipient of care.

The SCR is a nationally recognized program that helps support health care workers and improve the quality of care by focusing on the human dimension of medicine by discussing the social, emotional, and sometimes ethical aspects of caring for patients and families. Cooper is among the hundreds of hospitals nationwide that participate in SCR.

Team members who are interested in joining the in-person February 22 panel should contact Iris Jones here.