Thank a Resident and Fellow Day

Who does the nurse call at midnight when the patient’s blood pressure is low? Who answers the phone when a worried mom calls the hospital about her baby’s cough? Who makes sure that the prescriptions are written, the instructions are given, and the discharge summary is complete so that the patient who just spent 45 days in the hospital after a car accident can be transferred to rehab? Who spends 10 hours in the OR, learning how to do a complex operation, and then goes home to spend another two hours studying for the next day? Our residents and fellows, that’s who!

Medical school is only the first stop on the road to becoming a doctor. After graduation, new physicians spend an additional three to seven years training to become experts in their chosen specialties, and then often several more years of specialized training in fellowship.

Friday, February 24, is Thank a Resident and Fellow Day. On this day, we thank our residents and fellows for their dedication to patient care and to Cooper. We recognize their hard work and skills and applaud their grit and determination to be the best physicians they can be. Our patients receive excellent care because of them, our faculty are better physicians because of them, and our institution is stronger thanks to them.

On February 24, please join Cooper’s teaching faculty and administration in thanking our residents and fellows.