Patient Safety Sentinel: Proper Procedure for Hand Washing

The CDC encourages the use of alcohol hand sanitizer for routine hand hygiene in healthcare settings, however there are times when soap & water should be used:

  • When hands are visibly soiled
  • For known or suspect C diff or Norovirus

Lathering of soap and water MUST be a minimum of 15-20 secs and the following steps MUST be followed for proper hand washing per CDC Guidelines : 

  • Wet hands with clean running water.
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Patient Safety Sentinel: When Must You Perform Hand Hygiene?

  • Before patient contact
  • After patient contact
  • Before entering a patient room
  • Upon leaving a patient room
  • After contact with patient surroundings or items in the patient space
  • Between caring for patients in the same room
  • Before donning gloves
  • Upon removing gloves
  • When hands are visibly soiled
  • Before a clean or aseptic procedure (drawing blood or starting an IV)
  • After body fluid exposure
  • After performing a “dirty” task  (emptying a Foley, cleaning a patient)
  • After using the restroom
  • Before and after eating

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