Gamma Knife Case Study: Multiple Brain Lesions


Presented by: Gregory J. Kubicek, MD Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology Patient History The patient is a 45-year-old female diagnosed with left upper lobe non-small cell lung carcinoma (adenocarcinoma) after presenting with worsening cough. Further-work up and imaging shows multiple areas of metastatic disease; PET scan shows areas in bone, liver and several lung lesions, … [Read more…]

Pituitary Tumor Case Study


The Pituitary Tumor Center at Cooper University Hospital is a cooperative program whose neurosurgeons have more than 50 years of combined experience in pituitary surgery, and have the longest experience with endoscopic pituitary surgery in the Delaware Valley. The team includes highly skilled, fellowship trained otolaryngologists with expertise in skull base surgery; a large division of experienced and specialty trained endocrinologists; radiation oncologists with a focus on both the Gamma Knife and CyberKnife; and experienced neuroradiologists, pathologists and specialty nurses, all of whom participate in the program’s regularly scheduled multidisciplinary pituitary tumor conference.

Cooper’s Structural Heart Disease Program: “This Is a Totally Different World of Structural Heart Disease Treatment”

Advances in percutaneous and minimally invasive surgical techniques have revolutionized the way structural heart disease can be treated today – and Cooper is in the forefront of the revolution. “This is a totally different world of structural heart disease treatment than existed even five years ago,” says Janah Aji, MD, Co-Director of Cooper’s Structural Heart … [Read more…]

Cooper Center for Population Health, Positioning for the Future of Health Care

Staff of Cooper University Health Care in May 2011 marked a turning point for the growing institution. With 30 years of government, education, private sector and entrepreneurial experience, Louis S. Bezich, Chief of Staff of Cooper University Health Care, is charged with bring- ing a fresh, but seasoned, eye to an industry under fire for … [Read more…]

Cell-Free Fetal DNA: New Technology for Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

A newer, non-invasive test that analyzes fetal DNA circulating in a pregnant woman’s blood is proving more accurate in screening for trisomy 21(Down syndrome) and other chromosomal abnormalities than the standard two-part sequential screen or maternal serum quad screen. With a simple blood draw from an expectant mother, the cell-free fetal DNA test(cf DNA) provides … [Read more…]

Botox® for Preventing Chronic Migraine: Clinical Practice Results Exceeding Those of Initial Studies

Botox® — the renowned wrinkle smoother — is proving its value as a headache soother. FDA-approved in 2010 for treating chronic migraines in adults, Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) is offering new hope for the estimated 14 million Americans who suffer from chronic migraine1 – and for whom all other treatment options have failed.

The Cooper Breathing Center: South Jersey’s Only Comprehensive Resource for Diagnosing Dyspnea

Shortness of breath can be a symptom of myriad conditions, and identifying the underlying cause isn’t always clear-cut. To aid in this process and speed the time to treatment, the Cooper Breathing Center offers a one-stop multidisciplinary resource for accurate, timely diagnosis and treatment planning.

Cooper Heart Institute Racks Up Impressive List of Recent Firsts

The Cooper Heart Institute, under the direction of Perry J. Weinstock, MD, Head of the Division of Cardiovascular Disease, has recently added more clinical firsts to its already-impressive roster of achievements – testament not only to the cutting-edge cardiac expertise that resides here but also to the commitment Cooper has made to the infrastructure that supports it.