Benefits of Having a Preferred Network

Why is having a preferred network important to you?

The preferred network of skilled nursing facilities enables Cooper to set standardized protocols for the facilities to follow, includes cost saving benefits, and creates transparency between the facilities and you and Continue Reading

Alternative Payment Models: What Can Physicians Expect and How Can They Effectively Prepare?

Value-based care delivery models are evolving, and alternative payment models (APMs) have the potential to realign payment incentives and care delivery. The APM track reimburses Medicare providers based on the value of services compared to the volume of services. Approximately Continue Reading

ACO & Finance

When less business is better business. Continue Reading

The Health Coach: An Asset for a Provider’s Practice

Two part series on Care Coordination Team: part one on Population Care Coordinators was previously published on October 12, 2017. The second part of the series are the health coaches. Continue Reading

Defining and Advancing Ambulatory Care Pharmacy

Ambulatory care pharmacists are developing patient and provider relationships at Cooper. Continue Reading

The Operations and Provider Relationship

Healthcare continues to be in a state of change and the importance of the relationship between operations and physicians will be a critical determinant of success. Continue Reading

The ABC’s (and D’s) of Medicare: What Does It All Mean?

As the population of the U.S. ages, more people are utilizing Medicare. Continue Reading

Health Literacy Adding Value and Quality for Patients

Health literacy being brought to the forefront in health care. Continue Reading

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