Shaping Behavior: The Pathway to a Healthier Population

In a purportedly health-conscious culture, why are 70% of Americans obese or overweight? How can it be that with so many diet and exercise choices that barely 3% of Americans lead a healthy lifestyle? And, with unquestionably the world’s best Continue Reading

The HaH Model

The emergence of COVID-19 presented new challenges to healthcare systems and, ultimately, reshaped how healthcare is accessed and delivered within communities. In the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic, patients were apprehensive of visiting healthcare centers due to fear and Continue Reading

Televideo and Telemedicine

Dr. Ganti discusses televideo and telemedicine.

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Telemedicine Evolution and Application to the ACO

Dr. Ganti discusses telemedicine evolution and application to the ACO.

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What is an ACO Wellness Visit?

Drs. Hyman, Robertson, and Rozengarten discuss, “What is an ACO Wellness Visit?”

Please be advised this video segment was filmed prior to physical distancing measures. Continue Reading

What is an ACO?

Drs. Hyman, Robertson, and Rozengarten discuss, “What is an ACO?”

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Benefits of Having a Preferred Network

Why is having a preferred network important to you?

The preferred network of skilled nursing facilities enables Cooper to set standardized protocols for the facilities to follow, includes cost saving benefits, and creates transparency between the facilities and you and Continue Reading

Alternative Payment Models: What Can Physicians Expect and How Can They Effectively Prepare?

Value-based care delivery models are evolving, and alternative payment models (APMs) have the potential to realign payment incentives and care delivery. The APM track reimburses Medicare providers based on the value of services compared to the volume of services. Approximately Continue Reading

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