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Surgical blue wraps turn into sleeping bags for homeless

For over a year now, a group of employee volunteers has been working with the anesthesia department to upcycle OR surgical wraps into mats that are used as ground cover for the homeless community. Two wraps are sewn together to make a mat (similar to a yoga mat in shape and size) with elastic on one end to roll it up. Once completed, the mats are dropped off at Cathedral Kitchen for distribution to anyone who might have a need for protection from the elements. Not only does this keep the sterile wraps from simply being disposed of, it is greatly appreciated by the recipient.

Now that winter is coming, the demand for these mats has increased. We are looking for some additional volunteers to help sew these mats. It’s very easy and there is an instructional video to walk you through. If you would like to volunteer to sew or drop off completed mats, please reach out to Elizabeth Cerceo, MD ¬†or Jennifer Garefino.

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