Former Cooper NICU Preemie Makes 7th Annual Donation

Melvin Pennies

In his seventh annual donation to Children’s Regional Hospital at Cooper’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Melvin Sheppard and family stopped by to donate $394.06 in pennies at the NICU on December 19.  Melvin, now 15, was born at Cooper 9 weeks premature, weighing only 2.9 pounds.  The Moorestown teenager, who has collected more than $2,000 over the years, poses with Cooper staff and this year’s donation.

From left to right: Rakesh Sharma, MD, Neonatology; Melvin C. Sheppard; mom Denise Sheppard; dad Melvin Nathaniel Sheppard; Robyn Harvey, Senior Director of Patient Care Services; Melvin’s classmate Ali Rohrback; Judy Saslow, MD, Associate Director of Neonatal Services; Michael Goodman, MD, Chief, Department of Pediatrics; Gary Stahl, MD, Head, Division of Neonatology; Joanne Fox, Clinical Director, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; Erik Brandsma, MD, Neonatology; and Gretchen Lawhon, Clinical Nurse Scientist, Department of Pediatrics.

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