Cooper Command Center Activated in Support of Operation Santa

santa cleared

Situation:  The Medical Command Center (MCC) has been activated in support of Operation Santa

Background:  The MCC is activated, the Incident Management Team stood up and the entire Cooper University Health Care system is on stand by to assist North Pole operations until sunrise 25 December.

Assessment:  Per previous missions the North Pole has requested that Trauma and Emergency Medicine be placed on Stand-by.  Maintenance has adapted the helipad to accept a sleigh landing in case needed.  They also have a team on standby in case expedient repairs are required.  Food and Nutrition have refreshments available and the entire CUHC system is standing by to assist as needed.  As of 1734 Zulu time Santa was operating in Russia.  Concerns for our area for when he is expected to arrive is with heavy rains and winds.  In short, CUHC is good to go.

Response:  We have comm links with both NORAD and the FAA relative to Operation Santa.  The IMT will be monitoring to maintain real-time situational awareness toward a common operating picture.  Additionally, the FAA Tech Center will be providing positional briefs at 1830 (6:30PM) 1930 (7:30PM) and 2030 (8:30PM) local time.  All may call into the teleconference bridge 1-609-485-6000 at those times to acquire additional detail relative to Santa’s position and area ETA.

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