Cooper University Health Care Earns Star Performer Recognition

own the bone star performer badgeCooper University Health Care is proud to announce that it has received 2017 Star Performer recognition from the American Orthopaedic Association’s (AOA) Own the Bone® program.

Cooper University Health Care is one of more than 200 health care institutions nationwide that has taken initiative to ensure its osteoporotic fracture patients receive the treatment and care that they deserve by implementing AOA’s Own the Bone program. Cooper was one of 72 sites that received a Star Performer designation for 2016.

“The Own the Bone Star Performer recognition is important to patients because it solidifies Cooper’s commitment to the prevention and treatment of fractures cause by osteoporosis,” says Douglas S. Tase, MD, orthopaedic surgeon, Cooper Bone and Joint Institute. “These types of fractures can often have devastating effects on patients. The Own the Bone program gives us an opportunity to work with at-risk patients on an individualized basis to achieve better outcomes.”

The program is aimed to better identify, evaluate, and treat patients that suffer from an osteoporotic or low bone density-related fracture. The program brings attention to the severe health implications of fragility fractures (broken bones that result from a fall from standing height or less) and the multi-faceted approach hospitals or clinics can incorporate to ensure these patients receive the most comprehensive care.

Cooper University Health Care Leading the Way in Post-Fracture Care

Own the Bone Star Performer designation is reserved only for institutions that have achieved a 75 percent compliance rate with at least five of the 10 Own the Bone prevention measures including: educating patients on the importance of calcium and vitamin D, physical activity, falls prevention, limiting alcohol intake, quitting smoking, recommending and initiating bone mineral density testing, discussing pharmacotherapy and treatment (when applicable), and providing written communication to the patient and their physician regarding specific risk factors and treatment recommendations.

 To make an appointment with the Cooper Bone and Joint Institute, please call 1.800.8COOPER (1.800.826.6737) or request an appointment online.


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