Update to Cooper Visiting Hours Policy

New patient visiting hours for Cooper University Health Care.
Please visit CooperHealth.org/hours for a complete listing of patient visiting hours.

In our continuous effort to enhance patient care and improve the Cooper experience for our patients and employees, guest visiting hours at the hospital now end at 9 p.m., which was made effective Monday, September 24, 2018. This change is consistent with other hospitals in the region. Click here to see visiting hours throughout the hospital.

Reducing activities earlier on the patient care floors helps foster a healing environment and provides additional quiet time for patients to rest and sleep. This change also enhances the safety and security of our campus.

The new visiting hours are posted on the Cooper website, as well as on signage and digital boards throughout the hospital. Thank you for joining us in helping to keep our patients’ healthy and safety as a priority.

For questions or comments, you may reach our Patient Relations team at 856.342.2432.

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