Cooper Infection Prevention Team Volunteers at Camden’s Cathedral Kitchen

Cooper Infection Prevention team: (l-r) Jes Smith, Shahrzad Darvish, Tracey Hamilton, Denise Polat, Jessica McKnight, and Dennis Meredith

On Tuesday, October 9, 2018, a team from Cooper’s Infection Prevention department visited the Cathedral Kitchen in Camden. Led by Shahrzad Darvish, MSN, RN, CIC, the team volunteered to plate and serve dinner to 330 guests that evening, as well as clean-up assignments after dinner.

“It was lots of fun and everyone felt good,” said Darvish. “The volunteer in charge was impressed to see a department from Cooper health helping out; they wanted to know what we do and who we are. I think we made Cooper proud. We served food and cleaned everything. Of course, we used most of their gloves – nobody changed gloves as much as we did, well, what can I say coming from a bunch of Infection Preventionists!”

Moved by the experience, the group plans to include more Cooper team members for their next visit, and to return during the holiday season, when Cathedral Kitchen serves dinner to more than 500 people per evening.

Meal prep: Tracey Hamilton (first from the counter with glasses) and Denise Polat (next to Tracey)

From left to right: Jes Smith, Tracey Hamilton, Shahrzad Darvish, Dennis Meredith, Jessica McKnight, and Denise Polat.

Jes Smith cleaning chairs

Shahrzad Darvish cleaning chairs

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