With Family and Friends By Her Side, Francisca Martinez Rings the Bell

Francisca surrounded by her family, celebrates with her bell and a certificate marking her end of treatment. 

The team at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper recognizes the importance of celebrating life and the milestones that come along a patient’s cancer journey – even during a pandemic.

MD Anderson at Cooper continues to provide essential cancer treatments to our patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be a challenge for patients not to have family members or friends with them during appointments and treatments to prevent the spread of COVID-19, especially when there’s a reason to celebrate.

The MD Anderson at Cooper team has come up with a creative way to carry on the tradition of “ringing the bell” to celebrate the end of a patient’s chemotherapy and radiation treatments. To allow family and friends to join in the celebration during the pandemic, patients are now given a hand held bell to take home as both a memento of the end of their treatment and a way to celebrate with their family – sometimes right outside the cancer center.

Francisca Martinez enjoyed celebrating the end of her chemotherapy treatment earlier this week. She was greeted by her family who was waiting just outside of the doors of MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper. The family created homemade signs of congratulation and support and showered her with flowers to mark the occasion.

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