Celebrating Our Cooper Physicians on National Doctors’ Day

Today, March 30, 2021, is National Doctors’ Day. On this day of recognition, we honor our outstanding Cooper physicians who provide healing and hope every day. This annual observance is aimed at appreciating physicians who help save our lives everywhere. The holiday first started in 1933 in Winder, Georgia, and since then it’s been honored every year on March 30, the first anniversary of a doctor using ether anesthesia by Dr. Crawford W. Long. Today we continue to celebrate medical advances like these and thank all doctors everywhere who’ve spent so much time and energy mastering their field of expertise.

The leadership and expertise of our Cooper physicians have helped guide us through an incredibly challenging year. When their own safety was at risk, they put the health and wellbeing of our patients first. On behalf of the entire Cooper team, and a grateful community and nation, we thank our physicians and those around the world for their unwavering dedication in the face of an unprecedented crisis.

If you would like to acknowledge a Cooper physician through the Cooper Foundation, click here.

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