Cooper University Health Care Launches Season 2 of Award-Winning Stories in Care Video Series Detailing the COVID-19 Pandemic Through Frontline Health Care Workers

Stories in Care, Cooper University Health Care’s riveting and emotional video series highlighting the COVID-19 experiences of its frontline workers, won a coveted Gold Award in the 42nd Annual Telly Awards, which recognizes  the best work created in video and television across all screens. Stories in Care was one of 12,000 Telly Award submissions this year.

Told in emotional, first-person accounts, Stories in Care captures the triumphs and tragedies and recollections of health care workers through one of the nation’s most pressing public health crises in decades.

“Beyond numbers, we felt it was important to tell these stories, to help the public understand what it has been like at Cooper and within our nation’s hospitals,” explained Nitin Puri, MD, chief of critical care medicine at Cooper. “My team came up with the concept as an “oral history” project in a storytelling manner.”

The first season of the award-winning web series included 11 short web-based episodes highlighting three critical care physicians, a nurse, and a critical care technician. The 11-part, season two of the series will launch on Thursday, June 24, on Cooper’s website, social media channels, including Cooper’s YouTube channel.

“This series offers a rare public view into the emotional impact of practicing medicine during this pandemic,” said Anthony J. Mazzarelli, MD, JD, MBE, co-CEO at Cooper and a practicing emergency medicine physician. “It was profoundly moving to see and hear our colleagues recalling these moments, and we are proud that these stories were recognized by the Telly Awards Council.”

“We hope these videos give the community a greater insight into the past 15 months, and the hard work and dedication of the health care heroes at Cooper. We are incredibly proud of Cooper’s clinical and support teams and what they do for patients and families every day,” said Kevin O’Dowd, JD, co-CEO of Cooper.

“It feels great to be recognized, but even more so, it’s been an honor to help craft these stories and highlight some of the triumphs and tragedies that health care providers have experienced over the past 15 months.  Occasionally you get a chance to work on a project that really sticks with you. This one will resonate for some time,” said Andrew Poag, president and founder of Narrative Media, the Wynnewood, Pa.-based full service video production company that produced the series.


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