Cooper University Health Care Doctor Offers Unique Perspective on Life, Culture, and the Natural World Through the Lens of Human Anatomy in New Book

Dr. Jonathan Reisman

Cooper University Health Care pediatric emergency room physician, Jonathan Reisman, MD, ponders life, culture and the natural world through the lens of anatomy and medicine in a recently published book, The Unseen Body: A Doctor’s Journey Through the Hidden Wonders of Human Anatomy.

As a physician, adventure traveler, and naturalist, Dr. Reisman share new perspectives on the body through personal experiences and travels to exotic locations such as the Arctic region and the Himalayas among others. By relating rich experiences in far-flung lands and among unique cultures back to the body’s inner workings, he shows how our organs live inextricably intertwined lives―an internal ecosystem reflecting the natural world around us.

“Before I started medical school or even wanted to be a doctor, my passion was learning about all the species of plant, animal, and fungus in the natural world. I also loved traveling to exotic places to learn more about how people in different cultures relate to the unique natural environment around them,” said Dr. Reisman. “When I started medical school and started exploring the human body, I brought the same perspective of a traveler and naturalist exploring a new terrain to the human body. This was especially true when zooming out from the level of an individual body part (or species in nature) to wider view of ecology. The connections I found between the body and the natural world inspired me to write this book.”



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