The Kind of Nurse Everyone Needs by Their Side

My husband was a patient at Cooper. He had so many issues with his health that, once doctors were able to control one problem, another one would appear. He was in the ICU for ten days at the time of his passing. I was so upset that I was hardly functioning.

All the nurses at Cooper were really great, but there was one exceptionally good nurse – Brittani Goehringer. She was with my husband during the last two days of his life. I can’t explain exactly what it was she did, but found a way to make his passing easier for me. She was the kind of nurse everyone needs by their side when death is imminent.

I am sure the nurses in the ICU have special training to help them deal with grieving families and I would like to thank all the nurses who helped care for my husband. But Brittani went above and beyond her job description to comfort me. She was fantastic.

Antoinette Blais
Wenonah, New Jersey

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