Cooper – Providing Excellent Patient Care During a Time of Crisis

As we work together to stop the spread of COVID-19, Cooper University Health Care’s dedicated medical staff remains focused on the health and well-being of all our patients.  

It is important to continue to share some uplifting stories, even during a time of crisis. Here are a few positive comments about Cooper medical staff who are working on the front lines, providing excellent care to our patients. Please note, none of these patients had COVID-19, but they were treated at Cooper during this time. 

“I was brought to Cooper from an auto accident. All the nurses and doctors are awesome. Everyone that took care of me was great. Shannon in trauma was awesome! She is a great nurse and very caring. Harley took my vitals and helped me a lot. They went above and beyond. Everyone on the 10th floor who helped me … was great.” – March 15, 2020 

“I would give nurses Kelly and Jonathan 4 stars! They were the best nurses who cared for me while I was on the floor.” – March 14, 2020 

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank [Cooper’s] staff on the 9th floor for the superior care I received as a patient. Special thanks to the following nurses Melissa, RN, Rick, RN, and Preston, CPA, for their compassion, dedication, competency and excellent communication skills. They treated me with dignity, respect and provided education on my care. I would also like to thank the housekeeper who was on duty when I was admitted to room 958W. She was in the process of cleaning the bed, but she stopped what she was doing to make sure I had what I needed. Also, I would like to thank Stacy, who answered the phone post discharge to assist with my needs. There was a nurse, Manny, who was an ICU float in the admit hold area, he was my first caregiver and should be commended for his professional skills. Thank you to all the doctors who provided exceptional care. Lastly, to Cooper University Hospital for accepting me as an EMTALA to your OMF department. You truly all deserve and Excellence in Caring Award.” – March 23, 2020 

“My nurse Paige was amazing! She went above and beyond each night she took care of me. Especially after surgery she helped me manage my anxiety and pain.” – March 9, 2020

“For nursing care, I would like to acknowledge Nicole and Natalie nurses from the ICU, and 9th fl. pavilion nurses Jenny, who was the lead nurse, Bridgette, Jen M. and tech Mark. A special thanks goes to Lisa C. a tech from the 6th floor. And, my daughter, who gave up her breaks and lunch to check up on me. These are the people who took care of me who stuck out in my mind. Everyone on the floor treated me kindly and respectfully and someone always had something nice to say while I was recovering.” – March 12, 2020

“Shout out to Barb C., my night nurse, for excellent care and taking my concerns into consideration. She was an advocate for me and went back to the physicians with questions. Special shout out to Melissa, my night tech, who helped my husband when leaving with my 2 year old, who screamed, not wanting to leave her mommy at the hospital. She was so sweet, calm and helpful carrying her downstairs with my husband and comforted me as I was devastated seeing my daughter not wanting to leave me.” – March 23, 2020