Developing a Nursing Vision and Philosophy on the Journey to Nursing Excellence at Cooper

This is the second of our ongoing weekly messages leading up to National Nursing Week to highlight the Year of the Nurse and our Journey to Nursing Excellence.

This initiative began with a series of retreats, starting with the initial retreat in October 2019. During the retreats, nurses developed language that laid the groundwork for the Journey to Nursing Excellence. The following key statements were developed and agreed upon:

Nursing Vision
Cooper nurses will lead the region in the advancement of professional and scholarly nursing practice. We will exceed all standards of excellence through the delivery of evidence-based care and clinical innovation.

Nursing Philosophy
We believe:

  • Our nurses provide evidence-based care to a diverse and complex patient population.
  • Our nursing community demonstrates clinical expertise resulting in optimal patient outcomes through social integrity, teamwork, and collaboration.
  • Our nurses value an inter-professional process to create a healing patient and family-centered environment.
  • Excellence in nursing practice is achieved through a professional governance structure that empowers nurses to participate in clinical and organizational decision making.
  • Self-care – defined as physical, mental, and emotional well-being – nourishes resilience to provide compassionate care and foster positive relationships.
  • Our nurses are fiscally competent stewards of health care resources.

Notes from the brainstorming session in developing the language for the nursing platforms.