Coming Soon: Redesigned Patient Workspaces in Epic

On Sunday, August 2, 2020, Epic will be upgraded with exciting new features and a redesigned look. With the new Storyboard layout, workspaces in Epic will look different: key patient information now appears on the left of the screen, and common activities appear at the top. The new layout makes it easier to quickly see information and reduces clicks for common tasks.

All Epic users are affected by Storyboard, regardless of your role. But don’t worry; many other organizations have already gone live on Storyboard with great feedback. Workflows are not changing either—only the orientation of the workspace.

Storyboard is a positive, time-saving change. We recommend that you prepare for the new look and feel. The change is not reversible after the upgrade for any role. If you’ve been an Epic user for some time, your muscles are programmed to point and click in certain places, in a certain order. Though the new layout may take some getting used to, there are ways for you to learn more about what’s coming and to try out Storyboard:

Try it out by logging into the Sandbox environment. Access instructions and logins for your role are located here.