New Health Advisor Role at Cooper

Cooper University Health Care’s Center for Population Health is pleased to announce an exciting new development.

Since 2015, the center’s population health coaches have steadily evolved into a more dynamic role that promotes a patient-centered, proactive approach to care coordination that actively engages patients and the health care team. The health coaches have received new titles to accurately reflect this expanded role, and are now officially known as population health advisors.

In their current role, Cooper’s population health advisors work closely with primary care providers and an interdisciplinary health care team to create a collaborative approach to care. They work with at-risk patients to facilitate behavioral changes, reinforce the importance of self-management, address social barriers and gaps in care, provide education and resources, and encourage goal setting to ultimately stabilize or improve the patient’s health.

By providing appropriate interventions and serving as a link between patients and health care providers, our population health advisors play an integral role in promoting a healthier community.

Meet Cooper’s population health advisors:

Danielle Santiago

Nilmayra Morales

Illon Osea

Kathleen Durkin

Kimberly Ford

Nicole Earl

Robert Becker