Zenith Climb Challenge for July 2020

We have been so proud of everyone who has continued to participate in the Zenith Climb challenges even throughout the pandemic, while wearing masks and following physical distancing guidelines! We want to remind and re-invite everyone in the Cooper community – the challenges are open to all and are a great way to prioritize your wellness. All challenges begin on the first of the month and end the last day of the month. You can use the stairs here at Cooper, at home, or anywhere else to achieve a climb goal based on your current activity level and comfort.

For the month of July, climb as many stairs as you can! The top 25% of climbers will be eligible to win. The grand prize is a wellness basket with healthy goodies, gift cards, and other rewards. Two additional participants will be selected to receive a gift card to either Cooper Court Cafeteria or the Cooper Cafe.

For more details about participation and how to submit your entries, please visit http://wellness.cooperhealth.org/zenith-climb/.