Security Enhancements at 101 Haddon Parking Lot

Last summer, Cooper initiated a daily paid-parking option at the 101 Haddon Avenue parking lot. Located on Haddon Avenue, directly across from the Camden County Police Administration building, it serves as a convenient alternative for those assigned to the Waterfront Garage. Cooper’s parking vendor customer-service representatives, who are in direct communication with Cooper Security, staff the lot during the day shift. Starting at 2 p.m., a Security officer oversees the lot and remains until the last vehicle departs.

Additional security measures were recently added to enhance employee safety. Along with the current 24/7 video surveillance, Cooper installed security booths to improve sight lines for the parking lot staff. Six-foot high perimeter fencing was also added to the property to prevent unauthorized entry into the lot.

Cooper is committed to continually improving the safety and security of all who enter our facilities.