Patient Safety Sentinel: Infection Prevention & Workflow for Workstations on Wheels (WOWs)

Infection Prevention & Workflow for Workstations on Wheels (WOWs) 


  • When cleaning sensitive electronic equipment, AF 3 Gray Top wipes (alcohol free) are preferred. Please follow the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.


  • WOWs should be cleaned by wiping all surfaces using friction, including the base…
    • At the beginning and end of your shift.
    • Whenever they become visibly soiled.
    • The scanner should be disinfected between each patient use.
  • Whenever possible, WOWs should be left outside of rooms.
    • Please remember to press CTRL + Space Bar in order to secure protected health information (PHI).
    • Do not leave notes or other papers that may contain PHI unattended.
    • Do not leave unsecured sharps or medications unattended.
  • WOWs should NOT be used in rooms on isolation precautions.Any equipment that has been in a room of a patient on isolation precautions needs to be cleaned in accordance with our equipment cleaning policy and guidelines.
  • WOWs can be used in a patient’s room when needed to enhance patient safety. In this case the WOW should be stationed just inside the room and NOT closer than 3 feet from the patient.
    • Examples include complex documentation requirements that, when delayed, may result in errors, or inferior clinical communication.
    • If used in patient’s room, hand hygiene should be performed before and after contact with the WOW and  before & after contact with the patient or the patient’s surroundings.

Protecting our patients is the top priority at Cooper University Health Care. We need 100 percent compliance with all patient safety procedures.

A sentinel is one who stands guard or watch to protect others. We need all employees to be sentinels to protect our patients and keep watch to ensure all patient safety procedures are being strictly followed.

One Team. One Purpose.