Patient Safety Sentinel: Regulated Medical Waste AKA Red Bag Trash

Regulated Medical Waste (Red Bag Trash)

What Should Go In Red Bags:

  • Anything soaked or saturated with blood or bodily fluid.
  • Any type of waste from an isolation patient.
  • Anything with a bio-hazard label, including specimen bags.

What Should NOT Go In Red Bags:

  • No sharps of any kind.
  • Anything you would throw away in the trash at home such as band aids, diapers, etc. (unless from a patient on isolation precautions).

Protecting our patients is the top priority at Cooper University Health Care. We need 100 percent compliance with all patient safety procedures.

A sentinel is one who stands guard or watch to protect others. We need all employees to be sentinels to protect our patients and keep watch to ensure all patient safety procedures are being strictly followed.

One Team. One Purpose.