Third Grade Students Lift Spirits of Pediatric Patients with Itunes Gift Card

From Left to Right: Lilly Sirover; Barbara McCarty, Child Life Coordinator at Cooper and Julia Costantino.

Like most typical 3rd grade students, Julia Costantino and Lilly Sirover, both age 9, love downloading and playing games on their iPad Touches. After hearing that the Children’s Regional Hospital at Cooper uses iPads to entertain the pediatric patients during their stay, the girls wanted to share their love of gaming with others.

They came up with the idea of having their own bake sale, with all the proceeds going towards the purchases of an iTunes gift card for Cooper’s Child Life Program. The bake sale, held in the Spring of 2011 at the Costantino household, raised $100. Through this kind donation, the Child Life Program has been able to purchase several game applications for their iPads, distracting patients from their illnesses, and putting a smile on their face.

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