Special Delivery for Moms Who Won’t Be Home to Celebrate Mother’s Day

There are many moms who will be spending their Mother’s Day in the hospital this year – recovering from their own illness or at the side of a loved one. The Lauren Rose Albert Foundation/Mother’s Matter Program is helping these women feel special by donating gift baskets to mothers, grandmothers, and caregivers who are hospitalized or have a family member hospitalized at Cooper University Health Care.

On Friday, May 12, 2017, representatives of the foundation delivered 125 gift bags to moms at Cooper University Health Care.  The bags will be distributed to moms who are hospitalized or who have a family member hospitalized on Cooper’s pediatric, trauma, oncology, neonatal intensive care unit, and new moms on the mother infant unit.

Since Mother’s Day 2001, the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation has reached out to mothers-in-need by donating hundreds of gift baskets overflowing with personal health and beauty care products to various community organizations, charities, and health care facilities during the week of Mother’s Day. More than 100 baskets will be provided to women at Cooper tomorrow including new moms who just delivered their babies, oncology patients, trauma patient family members, and others.

School children, Girl Scout troops, businesses, and community organizations and agencies as well as local and county governments and colleges participate through Mothers Matter collection drives, contributions, and volunteer support. Mothers Matter volunteers assemble beautiful gift baskets which are delivered in time for Mother’s Day. Each gift bears the message that “Mothers Matter.” Now a year-round effort, Mothers Matter volunteers assembled and delivered more than 30,000 Mother’s Day Gift Baskets to day care centers, women’s shelters and safe houses, pediatric medical day-care facilities, women’s agencies, hospitals, and other facilities that serve the needs of women.


Wendy A. Marano
Cooper University Health Care

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