Cooper Community Health Visits Westmont Fire Company As Part Of “Helping Our Heroes” Program

Dr. Dan Hyman and the Community Health team with the first responders who participated in the Helping Our Heroes Program.

While children are nestled all snug in their beds with visions of sugar-plums dancing in their heads, the Westmont Fire Company in Haddon Township has been busy with holiday decorating and festivities! So to help ensure our local heroes still get the care they need this season, Cooper’s Community Health team came out for a visit.

First responders are exposed to high stress situations and many different cancerous carcinogens on an emergency scene. “Helping Our Heroes” is a community outreach program from Cooper that offers a convenient and confidential way for active firefighters and EMTs to obtain cardiovascular risk assessments and annual wellness physicals onsite, as well as offering preventative cancer screenings through a partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper. Through this program, Cooper can support our community heroes and help make sure everyone goes home.

“Cooper’s ‘Helping Our Heroes’ program is very convenient for us,” said Westmont Fire Captain/EMT Dan Devitt. “Many of our firefighters and volunteers have other jobs with busy schedules so this program being able to come out to us to perform risk assessments and physicals onsite provides us with access to healthcare. It is like a doctor’s office, but right here in our firehouse.”

If your organization in interested in learning more about “Helping Our Heroes” or our other community health programs, click here.

Firefighter/EMT Daniel Palmedessa gets his bloodwork done by Cooper’s Outpatient Lab. The Helping Our Heroes program brings the outpatient lab and internal medicine office to our first responders, a convenient way for our local heroes to take care of their health during their busy schedules.

It was a great night to come out to Haddon Township to work with Westmont’s first responders. Westmont Fire Company is a historic fire company formed in 1902 in Camden County , New Jersey.  Today, Westmont Fire Company has over 80 volunteers serving a township of over 14,000 residents.

The holiday season has begun in Haddon Township and Westmont Fire Company  is in the Christmas spirit! Cooper’s Community Health team came in to find the firefighters hard at work getting Santa’s sleigh ready and in working condition for the Christmas parade.

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