Cooper Learning Center Expert Addresses Dyslexia in New Book

Richard Selznick, PhD, licensed psychologist and Director of the Cooper Learning Center at Cooper University Health Care, addresses learning disorders in his latest book, “What to Do About Dyslexia: 25 Essential Points for Parents.” Drawing on his decades of experience in helping children who struggle with reading, spelling, and writing, Dr. Selznick has written a series of books to help parents who often feel at a loss as to how to help a child who may be struggling with these learning fundamentals and where to turn for guidance. His first book, “The Shut-Down Learner: Helping Your Academically Discouraged Child,” has received international attention. “What to Do About Dyslexia” is his fourth book on the topic.

By outlining 25 points about dyslexia, the book walks parents through assessment, intervention, and accommodations, presenting a clear description of the diagnosis and tips to parents in giving support and guidance in helping to overcome this common learning disability.

“In my books, and this book in particular, I try to demystify what can often be perceived as the confusion and stigma of dyslexia,” said Dr. Selznick. “The 25 points should assist, not overwhelm parents, educators, or anyone who is working with children struggling with dyslexia.” As Selznick noted, “There is simply too much misinformation in the public as to what dyslexia is and how to manage it. This book attempts to overcome that by speaking to parents (and educators) in down-to earth, plain language easily understood to eliminate the potential for confusion.”

As Director of the Cooper Learning Center, Dr. Selznick oversees a program that assesses and treats a broad range of learning and school-based academic and behavioral problems. The Cooper Learning Center, established in 1995 by Dr. Selznick, is a division of the Department of Pediatrics. Countless children have been helped by Dr. Selznick and his team over the years. In addition to assessing learning issues, the center has prided itself on its treatment of dyslexia in individual learning therapy, as well as counseling to help children and parents deal with the issues that inevitably arise. The Cooper Learning Center has sponsored an annual summer reading program for school-aged children in Camden, and has worked with thousands of children over the years in a number of different ways to help them overcome their struggles.

In addition, Dr. Selznick also works as a school consultant and is frequently asked to lecture to parents and teachers and other professionals on a variety of topics. Throughout the year, Dr. Selznick speaks to numerous parent groups at schools, at regional and national conferences, and internationally.

“What to Do About Dyslexia: 25 Essential Points for Parents” was released on February 5, 2019. For more information on Dr. Selznick and the Cooper Learning Center, click here or call 856.673.4900.


Wendy A. Marano
Public Relations Manager

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