Cooper Team Joins In Moorestown Day Celebrations

On June 1, 2019, our Cooper Team was out and about in our Moorestown community as part of Moorestown Day. Our team let people know about Cooper locations close by, including Cooper’s Digestive Health Institute in Mount Laurel, our Primary Care and Pediatric offices in Moorestown, and our Urgent Care Center in Cinnaminson. Cooper is also the Premier Sponsor of the Moorestown Soccer Club for the next two years. Many thanks to our Mount Laurel GI team who gave their time to volunteer at this event!

Patty Budic and Janine McNamara

A captive audience at our Cooper sponsored community event for Moorestown Day

Catherine Hassinger, Barbara Smith, and Kathryn Reifsnyder

Janine McNamara, Jeanne McHugh, Patty Budic, and Deborah Stenton

Deborah Stenton and Jeanne McHugh

Dr Anthony Mazzarelli and Barbara Smith

Janine McNamara, Moorestown Town Crier William Archer, and Patty Budic

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