Cooper & US Special Operations Combat Medics Teach “Stop The Bleed” to NJ State Police Cadets

On Friday, June 28th, Special Operations Combat Medics (SOCM) rotating at Cooper accompanied by our own Cooper Military training team traveled to Sea Girt to train over 150 New Jersey State Police Cadets in “Stop The Bleed”. “Stop The Bleed” training is part of a national initiative aimed at putting knowledge gained by first responders and the military into the hands of the public to help save lives during times of disaster. It was a privilege to have been invited to provide this training to our colleagues in the NJSP.

Visit the Cooper Events page to find Stop The Bleed training events. For more information about Cooper EMS training in the community, including Stop The Bleed, or to request training for your organization, visit our Community Training page at

Cooper University Hospital is one of only four hospitals in the nation to provide clinical training to the elite Special Operations Combat Medics (SOCM) from the U.S. Military’s Special Operations Command, including U.S. Army Special Forces and Rangers, Navy SEALS, and Marine Recon, among others. Learn more about what Cooper is doing to serve those who serve others on our Military and Veterans page.

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