September is Fall Prevention Month: Tips for Adults and Children

September is Fall Prevention Awareness Month and fall prevention is for EVERYONE! The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) identifies that falls are the leading cause of non-fatal, unintentional injuries in children under the age of 9 and over the age of 24. Learn ways to keep yourself and your children safe!

Be SMART adults:

Safe home – decrease fall risk hazards

Medication – know what you take, why you take it, and side effects of medications

Activity – Exercise to increase balance, mobility, and strength

Routine – eye exams, hearing exams, and good nutrition

Talk to your healthcare provider – communicate concerns, discuss risks, & resources available


SPOT your children:

Secure children in high chairs, shopping carts, changing tables, strollers, etc.

Practice – assist children going up and down stairs, utilize sturdy, secure activity devices to help practice standing and walking

Outside – Utilize playgrounds with soft, shock absorbing surfaces such a rubber mulch, encourage safety on playground equipment

Teach – children and teens appropriate play behaviors to limit injuries.


Fall Prevention begins with you!  Remember, be SMART adults and SPOT your children to stay safe!

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