National Psychologist Appreciation Day

National Psychologist Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on July 14. to highlight the importance of the field and demonstrate the many ways that psychologists improve health, wellbeing, and society as a whole.

Cooper’s psychologists join their colleagues in other medical centers across the country and the world in applying their extensive training in behavioral science to every facet of health care. This includes research, clinical care, and wellness initiatives, as well as the education of medical students, graduate students, pre- and post-doctoral psychology fellows, intern and resident physicians, and other health professionals. This same clinical and research experience benefits health systems such as Cooper when psychologists contribute to institutional governance, research, educational programs, administration, leadership, and policy development.

Cooper is fortunate to have clinical psychologists across multiple departments and will continue to expand our team to ensure that we are providing care for the entire person. Today we honor our Cooper psychologists by highlighting their unique contributions. Click on the names below to read more.

Anastasia Bullock, PsyD, Hospital Medicine, Consultation-Liaison Behavioral Medicine

Jennifer Bush, PsyD, Psychiatry, Outpatient General and Health Psychology

Merin Campbell, PhD, Neurology, Neuropsychology

Michael DeAngelo, PsyD, Infectious Disease, Early Intervention Program, HIV Clinic

Erin Esposito, PsyD, Neurology, Neuropsychology

Alice Ely, PhD, Addictions Medicine, Addictions

Heather Fellmeth, PsyD, Psychiatry, Bariatrics

Philip Fizur, PsyD, Hospital Medicine, Integrated Primary and Specialty Care

Kelly Gilrain, PhD, Hospital Medicine, Consultation-Liaison Behavioral Medicine

Dina Goldstein Silverman, PhD, Psychiatry, Bariatrics and Women’s Health

Christina Goodwin, PhD, Psychiatry, Outpatient General and Health Psychology

Alexa Hays, PhD, Hospital Medicine, Wellness, Integrated Primary Care, Consultation-Liaison

Brittany Haage, PsyD, Hospital Medicine, Consultation-Liaison Trauma Psychology

Molly Kammen, PsyD, Psychiatry, Outpatient Child and Adolescent Psychology

Caitlin LaGrotte, PsyD, Hospital Medicine, Consultation-Liaison Behavioral Medicine, Critical Care Specialty

Cori McMahon, PsyD, Infectious Disease, Early Intervention Program, HIV Clinic

Mark Rader, PhD, Neurology, Neuropsychology

Elizabeth Saslow, PhD, Pediatrics – Neonatology and Early Developmental Assessments

Richard Selznick, PsyD, Pediatrics – Assessment and Learning Challenges

William Skelton, PsyD, Hospital Medicine, Consultation-Liaison Behavioral Medicine, Emergency Medicine Specialty

Kate Terrell, PsyD, Psychiatry, Child, and Adolescent Neuropsychology

As with all specialties across the health system, Cooper serves as a training site for future psychologists. At present, we proudly honor our psychology post-doctoral fellows Corey Doremus, PhD; Holly Gerber, PhD; Julia Harbell, PsyD; Ellen Joseph, PhD; and Sara Fishman, PhD, and our incoming psychology interns, Gabrielle Gunin, PsyM; Angela Mendez, MA; Cait Loyka, MA; and Chris Liong, MA. We also honor our 15 new externs from various PhD and PsyD programs throughout the region.

To learn more about the specific fields of clinical and health psychology, click on the description of any of our specialists above. For more general information about clinical health psychology, click here.

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