Meet Ripa’s Newest Advanced Practice Nurse: Marianne Alexander, RN, MSN, APN

What made you decide to become a nurse?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for science and math. A dear friend of mine steered me towards nursing as a career, eventually leading me to become an Advanced Practice Nurse. I am very grateful that I chose a career that gives me such joy and satisfaction.

What do you like most about primary care?

In primary care, I have the opportunity to see patients with a variety of medical conditions, making each day different and challenging. I started my nursing career as an Emergency Room nurse, which gave me a solid foundation.

What is your philosophy of care?

I enjoy developing long-term relationships with my patients and partnering on health care decisions. I like to present a number of options so we can agree on a plan of care together. I am truly invested in addressing the individual needs of each patient and encouraging realistic lifestyle choices to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

How do you spend your time when not seeing patients?

I believe a provider must care for themselves to best care for their patients, so I always try to set a healthy example. Cycling, gardening, listening to music, and spending time with my family and friends are really important to me.

Marianne Alexander, APN, is now accepting new patients at The Ripa Center. She has over 22 years of nursing experience in Emergency and Family Medicine. To schedule an appointment, call 856.673.4912.

What is an Advanced Practice Nurse?

An Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) is a registered nurse with advanced education and training who has completed either a Masters or Doctoral program. APN’s are licensed and board certified to practice and manage a patient’s overall care independently. They can perform assessments and diagnose patients, prescribe medications, order diagnostic tests such as lab work, imaging, and more.

At Ripa, our APN’s collaborate with our team of specialists to provide each patient with the highest level of care.

The Ripa Center for Women’s Health and Wellness at Cooper is proud to provide Primary and Multispecialty Care focused on the unique health care needs of women. We also offer educational classes and on-site imaging services, including digital screening mammograms (2D and 3D), DEXA scans, and general ultrasounds. Our team works collaboratively to develop a personalized and coordinated plan of care, keeping you connected to all specialized women’s services at Cooper.

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