When to See a Sports Medicine Doctor

For athletes in South Jersey and the Delaware Valley region, daily life may revolve around the drive to run, swim, bike, or compete. In any sport, injury prevention and rehabilitation are key.

At Cooper University Health Care, we provide sports medicine to correct any lingering condition—great or small—so you can quickly get back to enjoying the athletics you love.

Whether you’re a runner, play on a high school sports team, or are simply keeping up with your kids, we’ll help you perform at your best!

Why You Should See a Sports Medicine Doctor

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to visit a sports medicine expert. Anyone with an active lifestyle, from yoga to recreational sports, can look to sports medicine for injury prevention, treatment, and rehab.

When the game gets a little rough, you might suffer a sudden, acute injury. Included in this category are sprains, strains, joint injuries, fractures, and ligament and cartilage injuries. Head injuries, like concussions, are also commonly treated.

However, persistent discomfort of the same muscle, joint, or ligament, say from an old injury or simple overuse, may point to a chronic injury. Our Cooper sports medicine experts can help treat the injured body part and create a plan to help you avoid reinjury in the future.

Setting up an appointment with one of our sports medicine experts is also a good idea if you’ve suffered from:

  • A torn ligament or tendon.
  • A broken bone.
  • Damaged or torn cartilage.
  • Arthritis or another degenerative condition.
  • Chronic or recurrent injury.

Working With the Cooper Sports Medicine Team

If you’re an athlete, you know the importance of teamwork. Think of the Cooper University Health Care network, with its wide range of specialists and 100+ locations, as your hard-working health care team.

Each expert physician within our sports medicine and rehabilitation team is board certified. To achieve board certification, they must undergo extra training that emphasizes the diagnosis and treatment of both common and complex sports injuries.

When selecting Cooper for your sports medicine team, you can also expect:

  • Rehabilitation utilizing advanced equipment and the latest techniques within the sports medicine field.
  • An emphasis on long-term prevention so you can move past any condition with a plan in place to avoid reinjury.
  • A team approach to care that involves specialists such as orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, and athletic trainers.
  • Community education via local colleges, school districts, and professional sports teams. With a focused approach, we’re able to help inform local athletes, coaches, and parents about injury prevention.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Care

The treatment and rehabilitation process varies depending on the severity of the injury and your own personal fitness.

One of our board-certified sports medicine experts will help you choose between surgical and non-surgical treatments. With their insight and guidance, you can select a treatment plan that will have you back on the field and performing at your peak as soon as possible.

Go for the Gold With the Cooper Sports Medicine Team!

Athletes in South Jersey and the Delaware Valley don’t just want to win in competition, they want to win in wellness, too. The Cooper University Health Care team offers more than 130 years of experience to help you go for the gold, no matter your sport of choice.

To learn more about Cooper’s sports medicine services, to schedule an appointment, or to refer a patient, please call 800.8.COOPER (800.826.6737) or click here to request an appointment.


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