Commentary: Dr. Pauline Germaine Discusses New Lung Cancer Screening Study

Pauline Germaine, DO

Pauline Germaine, DO

This week, the New England Journal of Medicine published a new study about the benefits of lung cancer screening, “Reduced Lung-Cancer Mortality with Volume CT Screening in a Randomized Trial.” We reached out to Dr. Pauline Germaine for her insight about this report, and what this means for patients. She shared the following: 

In 2011, a national lung cancer trial demonstrated improvement in lung cancer mortality as a result of screening with Low Dose CT (LDCT) chest imaging. This trial paved the way for new screening protocols and guidelines in patients with significant smoking history. LDCT is an effective screening tool, improving our ability to detect lung cancer at an earlier, curable or more treatable stage, allowing more patients with lung cancer to live cancer-free lives. Recent research confirms continued applications of LDCT technology demonstrating significantly reduced lung-cancer mortality in those patients undergoing LDCT screening compared to those who underwent no screening. Cooper University Hospital was one of the leaders in this movement establishing Lung Cancer Screening Program in 2012, with continued growth and evolution of this multidisciplinary program.

Pauline Germaine, DO, is Vice Chair of Research and Education, and practices in the departments of Radiology, Molecular Imaging/Nuclear Medicine, and Interventional Radiology at Cooper. She is also a Lung and Breast Cancer Screening Specialist at MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper.

MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper is dedicated to providing individuals who are at risk for developing lung cancer with individualized, evidence-based care. Learn more about our guidelines and contact a program coordinator.

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