5 Fast Facts: Gun Safety and Children

June is Gun Violence Awareness Month. “In an environment where guns are present, extra precautions are necessary when children are in that environment, too,” says Debra Williams, MSN, RN, CCRN-K, TCRN, Trauma Outreach/Injury Prevention Coordinator for Cooper.

5 Fast Facts: Gun Safety and Children

Source: SafeKids Worldwide

Did you know? 75% of children who live in a home with a gun know where that gun is located.

  1. Keep guns out of sight and out of reach of children. Unsecured guns can lead to injuries and fatalities. Children at 3 years old may be able to pull the trigger on a handgun.
  2. Use gun locks. Be sure to use effective, child-resistant gun locks.
  3. Know how to store guns. Store ammunition separate from the gun. Keep guns unloaded and stored in a locked container.
  4. Communicate. Have conversations with parents and grandparents of your child’s friends. Discuss guns in the home, how to secure them, and how to store them safely.
  5. Dispose of guns properly. If you no longer need a gun, dispose of it safely and consult your local law enforcement for advice.

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