Celebrating National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

Not all heroes wear capes … some wear lab coats!

This week is National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week. We wanted to recognize and thank our outstanding Cooper Laboratory Team, who have been working tirelessly during the COVID-19 outbreak.

While medical laboratory professionals and pathologists play an important role in every aspect of health care, during this pandemic they are playing an absolutely vital role. In fact, increased testing of individuals is going to be a critical component in our effort to reopen our nation for business.

Our Cooper Laboratory Team rapidly stood up their testing capability for COVID-19 weeks ago. They have been doing a great job of quickly testing our patients in the hospital. They have worked to increase their testing capacity and they have started testing others, including our employees.

Often medical laboratory professionals are overlooked, as they appear to be behind-the-scenes. Let’s be clear, each member of Cooper’s Laboratory Team is on the frontline in this fight against COVID-19 as they are testing live virus in the lab daily, which puts them at risk of infection.

Join us in thanking Cooper’s Laboratory Team for all they do and for their hard work and professionalism.

A socially distanced pizza party in honor of Lab Week at the Cooper Education and Research Building!

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