Local Nonprofit Donates Art Cart to Benefit Children at Children’s Regional Hospital at Cooper

At the Art Cart unveiling (L to R): Michael Goodman, MD, Chairman and Chief, Department of Pediatrics, Childrens Regional Hospital at Cooper; Elena Piperno, corporate social responsibility manager A.C. Moore representative; Mario DiNatale, co-founder ARVF, Kathleen Woodring, ARVF; Gisele DiNatale, co-founder ARVF; Pepe Piperno, owner of A.C. Moore; Jeremy Noll, ARVF board member; and Susan Bass Levin, president and chief executive officer of The Cooper Foundation.

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Too Much Oxygen May Be Harmful, Not Helpful Following Cardiac Arrest, Cooper Researchers Find

Pivotal Study to be Published in Leading Medical Journal

Compelling new evidence demonstrates that too much oxygen following cardiac arrest may be harmful, not helpful to patients according to researchers at Cooper University Health Care and Cooper Medical School of Rowan University. The results of their multi-center study on this topic, which was funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), will be published in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association. Read more.

Cooper Nurse Receives DAISY Award

DAISY Award winner Jan Vincent Adovas, RN.

DAISY Award winner Jan Vincent Adovas, RN.

Cooper University Health Care recognized Jan Vincent Adovas, RN, with The DAISY Award for providing exceptional nursing care. Jan works as a nurse on Cooper’s Pavillion 7 Unit. He was nominated by the family of a recent patient and was cited for his professional care, compassion and advocacy on behalf of the patient.

The DAISY Award, established by The DAISY Foundation, is an international program that celebrates the extraordinary care given by nurses every day. Read more.

Rowan University commits $50 million for medical research at Cooper Medical School

Cooper University Health Care Board commits to developing top research program to benefit patients and Camden economy

Last week, Rowan University’s Board of Trustees committed $50 million over ten years to significantly enhance medical and bioscience research at the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University (CMSRU) in the City of Camden. Cooper University Health Care’s Board voted today committing to a collaborative effort to build a first-rate medical research program focused on recruiting top research and clinical faculty to develop breakthrough medical cures and treatments. Read more.

ACL Injuries: A New Solution to an Old Problem?

With reports of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz’ season-ending ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear, there is renewed focus on this type of sports injury. Unfortunately, this type of injury is common in athletes and non-athletes alike.

First, it is important to understand what the ACL is and how it functions. The ACL is a band of tissue within the knee joint that functions to stabilize the knee during certain activities. Read more.