New “Smart” Tags to Improve Hand Hygiene

Cooper University Health Care recently installed new technology on hand sanitizers and soap dispensers designed to help protect our patients and staff from potentially deadly infections. The technology will help us to identify and remove barriers to hand hygiene practices.

Employees who enter patient rooms in the hospital on a regular basis will be given a tag to place under their Cooper ID badge. The tag is equipped with a sensor that interacts with smart drip trays located under all hand sanitizer and soap dispensers throughout the hospital. The data collected will help Cooper’s Infection Prevention team to determine where we have the best opportunities for increasing hand hygiene.

In accordance with the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005, the data we collect will only be used for process improvement activities, and individual employee data will not be made available.

To learn more about this new technology, visit Additional information is also available on the Pulse under Departments>Infection Prevention>SwipeSense Information.

Please contact your Patient Safety Officer, Michael A. Kirchhoff, MD, with any questions.