The Falls Committee Heard You!

Based on the feedback and need for additional safety equipment, Cooper University Health Care has purchased enough chair alarms to accommodate each patient in need.

Cooper’s Maintenance Department will be systematically installing a dedicated, wall-mounted Posey chair alarm on each headwall of our patients’ rooms.

Important information:
• Chair alarms slide on and off the wall mount. The on/off switch is still in back and each has four AA batteries.
• The process to obtain chair alarm pads will remain same. Pads will transition from green to white.
• All chair alarm pads are single patient use – pads are disposed of after discharge.
• Staff should continue to follow the same cleaning process, but the alarm will stay on the wall mount in the room – not with EVS.

Extra chair alarms with brackets will be installed on units as additional supply for portable use as needed.

2019 = 220 falls
2020 year-to-date falls = 141

We have increased our “assisted falls” by use of bed alarms and chair alarms from 28 in 2019 to 37 in 2020.

Click here for the Posey brochure.