New Interpreter Service Provider: Voyce

On Saturday, May 1, 2021, Cooper began working with a new interpretation service provider – Voyce. Cooper no longer has access to Cyracom for interpretation services. Many Cooper locations received iPads to use Voyce’s Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) service. All Cooper providers and users should now be using either Voyce VRI or Over the Phone Interpretation.

How do I use Voyce?

If you have access to a Voyce iPad, simply click on the Voyce app and follow the steps to connect to an interpreter.

If calling Voyce, the phone number to reach an interpreter is 856.415.3388. You will need to enter your location’s access code (four-digit cost center). If your location received an iPad, the access code is on the back of the device.

Attached are two reference documents:

Can I use the Voyce app on my mobile phone?

Not yet. The mobile app was not included in Phase I of the Voyce deployment, but is being worked on now. At this time, you can call Voyce at 856.415.3388 and enter your access code (four-digit cost center) to connect to a Voyce interpreter.

What do we do with our Cyracom equipment?

A member of our Linguistics team will be in touch to collect your Cyracom equipment beginning next week (all equipment must be returned to Cyracom or Cooper will be charged).

IMPORTANT: If you DO NOT have any Cyracom equipment, please email Jinely Rosado to confirm your location does not require a pickup of equipment.

What if we have technical or quality issues with Voyce?

If you have either a technical or quality issue, call Voyce Technical Support at 856.226.0139 (available 24/7).

We are excited to complete this phase of the project and initial implementation. Thank you for your patience and flexibility in making this possible. We apologize to those who were not made aware of the transition that took place over the weekend. Please provide us feedback on the Voyce service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jinely Rosado.