National CRNA Week

National CRNA Week is an annual celebration of our nation’s more than 57,000 certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs). This year’s theme is “Trusted Anesthesia Experts on the Frontline.” During this week, CRNAs around the country are recognized for their dedication and extraordinary work during an especially challenging time in health care.

At Cooper University Health Care, we have more than 70 full-time CRNAs who provide safe and effective patient-centered care in collaboration with our anesthesiologists as part of an integrated Anesthesia Care Team model. CRNAs assess patients pre-operatively, administer anesthesia, monitor patients during procedures, and teach patients about the side effects of anesthesia.

Cooper CRNAs provide anesthesia in the operating room as well as many clinical support services outside of the operating room. These areas include obstetrics, radiology, pediatric MRI, electrophysiology lab, GI/bronchoscopy suites, neuro-intervention lab, cardiac catheterization lab, pain management, and pre-admission testing clinic. They also staff Cooper Digestive Health Institute’s gastrointestinal suites and Voorhees Surgical Center’s operating room suites.

Additionally, Cooper CRNAs provide 24-hour coverage and respond to all hospital emergencies in TICU, Trauma Admitting, Code Blues, Code Whites, and stat floor intubations, where they quickly identify and manage these emergency situations.

Please take a moment to thank our outstanding CRNAs for all they do to provide high-quality, compassionate, team-based patient care.

Cooper CRNAs Ryan Ransom, Leah Lohr, Christin Keller, Charlie Huynh, Nichole Clothier, and Matt Bennett.

Cooper CRNAs Lauri Lewis, Colleen Agostin, and Kristi Gallatin.