Influenza and Limited Visitation

We have seen an increase in cases of influenza in our Emergency Department, Urgent Care Centers, and Department of Pediatrics. Many hospitals across the country are restricting visitors in accordance with pandemic and epidemic influenza plans. Cooper’s Infection Prevention Department and Hospital Epidemiologist have now placed the following restrictions on visitors until further notice.

Restriction of visitors of all ages with influenza-like symptoms, fever, or cough. Please actively discourage those of any age who demonstrate flu-like symptoms from visiting our patient care areas. For those instances where the presence of a potentially ill visitor is required for the well-being of a patient, the visitor will need to perform hand hygiene upon entering and leaving the patient room and is required to wear a surgical mask while visiting.

Visitors under the age of 15 who have had flu-like symptoms within the past three weeks, even if they are feeling well now, are strongly encouraged to wear a surgical mask while visiting. Those ages 15 and under shed the virus longer and can be infectious for up to three weeks.

A limit of two visitors at a time for patients treated in semi-private rooms in the Kelemen Building.

We have put these restrictions in place to protect our patients and our staff from the spread of the influenza virus.

Please contact Infection Prevention at 100-2254 or 856.342.2254 for any specific questions. Thank you for your support.