Managing Your Health the Easy Way: myCooper

myCooper makes partnering with your health care provider and taking charge of your health so easy, you can even do it in your pajamas.

Jane pads into the kitchen early on a Saturday morning, before the kids are up. “Perfect time to cross a few things off the list,” she thinks, as she opens the back door to let the dog out and returns to fire up the coffee maker.

While the aroma of French roast fills the room, she flips open her laptop and checks her to-do list. She looks for the quickest items to accomplish and targets making an appointment with her digestive health specialist, requesting a prescription refill from her primary care provider, and paying an outstanding balance on her son’s surgical procedure.

Fifteen minutes and a cup of coffee later, Jane is done with all three tasks – just as the kids come barreling down the stairs for breakfast and the dog begins to bark to be let back in.

For those accustomed to dealing with phone trees and spending time on hold with a doctor’s office, this scenario might seem unrealistic, if not downright miraculous. Jane’s secret? She uses myCooper.

Available online or via mobile app, myCooper provides free, easy, and secure 24/7 digital access to your Cooper providers and your health information.

With myCooper, you have instant, round-the-clock ability to:

  • Message your provider directly
  • Schedule, confirm, or cancel appointments
  • Request prescription renewals
  • View upcoming and past appointments and admissions
  • View most test results
  • Review health summary (allergies, medications, health issues, immunizations, medical history)
  • Provide updates to your information for provider review (allergies, medications, health issues)
  • View health goals you’ve set with your provider
  • View letters and referrals
  • Update status of your annual flu shot
  • View statements and pay bills by credit card or e-check
  • Update insurance and personal information
  • Access most of your child’s medical information, depending on age

Easy Sign-Up Options, 24/7

> Visit now – no activation code needed!
> Call 844.3.myCooper (844.369.2667)
> Search for MyChart in the App Store and and select Cooper as your provider

Choose to be like Jane and make managing your family’s health a snap!

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