On International Men’s Day, A Candid Conversation About Men’s Sexual Health

Ronak Gor, DO

International Men’s Day is celebrated on November 19th, in the midst of “Movember”, which raises awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. Better health for men and boys is the 2020 theme for International Men’s Day, and better health starts with candid conversations.

Ronak Gor, DO, a urologist and Cooper’s Director of Genitourinary Reconstruction and Trauma, discusses two common but often under-discussed issues that men may face as they age or particularly after cancer treatment: erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence. Both conditions have a variety of risk factors, can impact quality of life for men and their partners, and have multiple treatment options.

Dr. Gor’s main advice? Talk to your doctor! Together, you can find the best treatment to address your needs and lifestyle.

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