Recognizing Our Cooper Psychology Team on National Psychology Day 2022

April 21, 2022, marks the 15th Annual Psychology Day at the United Nations (UN). This yearly event celebrates psychologists and highlights the importance of psychology in a global context. It also provides an opportunity to demonstrate to the public the multitude of ways that psychologists improve society. While the UN day focuses on psychologists who use their research and clinical experience to contribute to the protection of human rights and healing those who have suffered abuse and trauma, there are countless other areas where psychologists, clinical and non-clinical, are making a difference.

The field of psychology is broad, and its applications and contributions are vast, with many psychologists contributing in academic health systems such as Cooper. Cooper’s growing group of psychologists join their colleagues in other medical centers across the country and the world in applying their extensive training in behavioral science to health care research, clinical care, wellness initiatives, and the education of medical students, graduate students, pre- and post-doctoral psychology fellows, intern and resident physicians, and other health professionals. This same clinical and research experience benefits health systems such as Cooper when psychologists contribute to institutional governance, research, educational programs, administration, leadership, and policy development.

Cooper is fortunate to have clinical psychologists across multiple departments, and will be welcoming even more in the coming months and years to assure we are providing care for the entire person. Today we honor our Cooper psychologists by highlighting their unique contributions.

Anastasia Bullock, PsyD – Medicine – Consultation-Liaison Behavioral Medicine

Merin Campbell, PhD – Neuropsychology

Andrea Casher, PhD – Neuropsychology

Michael DeAngelo, PsyD – Infectious Disease – Early Intervention Program, HIV Clinic

Erin Esposito, PsyD – Neuropsychology

Heather Fellmeth, PsyD – Psychiatry – Bariatrics

Philip Fizur, PsyD – Medicine – Consultation-Liaison and Urban Health Institute

Kelly Gilrain, PhD – Medicine – Consultation-Liaison Behavioral Medicine

Caitlin LaGrotte, PsyD – Medicine – Consultation-Liaison Behavioral Medicine

Dina Goldstein Silverman, PhD – Psychiatry – Psychiatry – Bariatrics and Women’s Health

Christina Goodwin, PhD – Psychiatry – Outpatient General and Health Psychology

Alexa Hays, PhD – Medicine – Wellness, Integrated Primary Care, Consultation-Liaison

Cori McMahon, PsyD – Infectious Disease – Early Intervention Program, HIV Clinic

Mark Rader, PhD – Neuropsychology

Elizabeth Saslow, PhD – Pediatrics – Neonatology and Early Developmental Assessments

Richard Selznick, PsyD – Pediatrics – Assessment and Learning Challenges

William Skelton, PsyD – Medicine – Emergency Department

Daisy Velez, PsyD – Medicine – Trauma Department

As with all other specialties across the health system, Cooper serves as a training site for future psychologists. At present we proudly honor our psychology post-doctoral fellows, Marie Rhoads, PsyD; Natasha Ramanayake, PhD; Jessica Henninger, PsyD; and our psychology interns, Carissa Aricola, MA, and Brianna Bliss, MA, as well as our 15 externs from various PhD and PsyD programs throughout the region.

To learn more about the fields of clinical and health psychology, click on the description of any of our specialists above or click here for an overview.

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