National Trauma Month: Did You Know… Distractions on the Road can be Deadly?

Photo courtesy of The Brady Bunch Movie movie clips

Are family discussions at the dinner table getting harder during this time of sheltering in place? Running out of things to say? How about talking to your teen about avoiding #DistractionsWhileDriving? Although there are fewer people on the road, and crash numbers are down slightly, the severity of those crashes and resulting injuries has gone up! Every hour 30 teens are injured in a motor vehicle crash involving an inexperienced driver.

As new drivers, teens lack the experience to anticipate dangers on the road. Adding distractions heightens the risk. The three main types of distraction are: visual, manual and cognitive. Texting while driving is especially dangerous because it combines all three types of distraction. Now that you have the time, have the talk. Please remember – fewer people on the road does not mean fewer PRECIOUS people on the road.

During #NationalTraumaAwarenessMonth, the American Trauma Society, the NJ Trauma Council Injury Prevention Coordinators and Safe Kids New Jersey remind you that #DistractionsCanBeDeadly. For more information visit

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